Thursday, July 29, 2010

Movie: Despicable Me

Late to the party on this one. This is a review that didn't get written so soon after seeing the movie for some reason, despite knowing pretty well what I wanted to write about it. That right there was an awful sentence, quasi-alliteration aside.

I think I saw a Despicable Me trailer for the first time around winter, and it was pretty sparse; it showed the sequence of Gru (voice of Steve Carell) trying to break into Vector's (voice of Jason Segal) fortress and the many ways in which he utterly failed. That was pretty much it. From that I construed a pretty different idea of what the movie would be about, because of my own background. Several years ago, a video game was made called Evil Genius, which put the player in the role of a, well, Evil Genius, and allowed them to build a sinister fortress into which unpleasant superspies were constantly trying to sneak. It was a bit on the silly side, including insidious torture devices like a giant blender that spun the spies around until they got dizzy. I've also read a book called Evil Genius (no relation between franchises), so one can see why I was already hatching a plot in my head involving Gru and Vector's competition for world's most awesome super villain. In this, I was only half right.