Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review: The Invention of Lying

I think Ricky Gervais can be a "love him or hate him" kind of comic. You have to enjoy the sort of deadpan style he uses, because like a lot of comics, he has one joke that he does in a lot of different ways. I've enjoyed him in smaller roles in other people's movies, like Stardust, but this was my first time seeing him carry a film. To that end, he doesn't do too bad. I can, however, blame him for the film's shortcomings, because he co-wrote and co-directed it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Review: Darksiders (VG)

Don't you hate it when you get invited to a party, and then you show up and see that none of your friends are there, and someone tells you that you weren't actually invited? If so, you can sympathize with the protagonist of Darksiders, War. This poor Horseman of the Apocalypse comes down to Earth after the Seven Seals keeping the balance between Heaven and Hell have been broken, signaling the end of mankind. Only...what's that? The last seal wasn't broken? Oops, War is crashing the party!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum

I'm going to give this more of a gaming mag treatment this time - run through the plot and such before critically appraising the game itself (more appraisal than criticism, I assure you). During Steam's Holiday sale, the Eidos pack consisting of 20 games - including Batman, which released last June - was going for $50. Batman itself was a $50 retail game, so I jumped on it. I have found myself gradually steering toward this type of action/brawler/beat 'em up game since I played the first God of War. I had heard nothing but great things about the game, so why not?

The setup is this: Batman has captured the Joker (again) and is transporting him to Arkham Island to be imprisoned. During the processing, Batman voices his concern that it was a little too easy this time. Cut to Joker escaping the jailers and leading Batman into the Asylum - which is now overrun with henchmen and a good selection of Gotham's Most Wanted. Harley Quinn is at the controls, and soon it's Batman versus..well, just about everyone. The goal, simply, is to put them all back into their cells before...well, the story takes an intriguing twist about halfway through, and I'll leave it at that.